Double Your Impact

Invite a friend to join York EcoHOMES

HAPPY NEW YEAR fellow EcoHOMies!

Two key ways each of us can help York (and surrounding Towns) achieve its 2030 goal for reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions by 50% are:

1- Personally implement some or all of the EcoHOME suggested Actions

2- Get others to sign up for EcoHOMES so they can consider and take the Actions also.

By getting one friend, neighbor, or co-worker to join EcoHOMES, you can literally double your impact in this critical effort to reduce emissions 50% by 2030.

That is why this EcoHOME Action is: Invite and encourage a friend to sign up for EcoHOMES

EcoHOMES 2021 Impact & 2022 Goals

Thanks to YOU… EcoHOMES finished 2021 with 518 participants who are receiving the EcoHOME suggested Actions. (390 York residents, 87 in surrounding Towns residents, & 40 outside the immediate area)

390 York households is about 5% of all York households. Our 2022 goal is to double that to 10% of all York households, or a total of 800 households.

If each of us takes this month’s action and makes the effort to get one or two friends/neighbors to sign up, we will each double our own personal impact and help EcoHOMES double to 800 households.


Here are a couple of ideas to help you get a friend or neighbor to sign up for EcoHOMES


Bottomline, this Action is simply to encourage and persuade one or two others to go to and fill out the “Sign Up” form. That is it. Then they will receive the emails with each suggested Action.

A couple of thoughts on how to do that….

~ Just call, email, or text this web address to a few friends and neighbors. Tell them why you are an EcoHOME participant and that “signing up” just means they will receive a suggested action every 30 to 60 days. Actions that will help them reduce their home’s Greenhouse Gas emissions.

~ Another option for you is to Click here to see a draft of an email that is already written for you. (change it all you want and then just enter friends and neighbors email addresses and send it)

~ In addition to 1 or 2 above, click here to post/share the results graphic above on Facebook and other Social Media. Add your own words of encouragement to get people to go to and sign up.


Please take a few minutes and Double Your Impact


Thank you for taking a few minutes to try and double your impact by inviting friends and neighbors to join EcoHOMES!