Energy Coaches Form

Energy Coaches Form

Household Questionnaire

Form used to help energy coaches understand client goals.

How many living levels? Approximate year built? Have there been insulation projects or major renovations? What and when? Are there major home upgrades needed? What are the current priorities?

Building Envelope

Has your home had an energy audit?
Do you have a copy of the audit we could look at together?

Electrified home heating, hot water and air conditioning

What is your current heating fuel?
How is heat distributed in home?
Optional question to aid use of Efficiency Maine heating efficiency tool
If possible, we’d like to collect the following data as applicable from households we are coaching:

Air Conditioning

Does your home currently have air conditioning?


Would you like to know about electrifying your hot water?


Help us better understand what is important to you.
Please put a check next to the items that are important to you.

Electric Car Charging

Rooftop Solar