Efficiency Maine Tools

We Mainers can take pride in being one of the most progressive states nationally in addressing climate change. This month’s action will introduce you to one of the primary reasons why Maine is a climate change leader – EFFICIENCY MAINE.

First of all, just what is Efficiency Maine (EM)?

  • EM is an independent, quasi-state agency established by the legislature in 2009 to “plan and implement energy efficient programs in Maine.” They now manage the energy project rebates for the State. Efficiency Maine has become a respected leader among other similar state agencies. 
  • EM provides information on:
  • Rebates on any number of energy consuming products, from washing machines to electric vehicles. Many of these rebates are income dependent and may be as high as $8,000 for insulation and heat pumps.
  • Loans for home energy upgrades up to $7,500 for low/moderate income residents.
  • A listing of vetted Vendors for heat pump installation, weatherization projects, etc.
  • Characteristics of a variety of appliances from light bulbs to solar panels
  • A variety of calculators (EM calls them tools) to explore your home’s energy use. 

Let’s look at 4 of these tools:

  1. How does your house’s building envelope compare with others in the State? Plug in the type and amount of heating fuel you use annually. Is your home tight and weatherized or is it drafty and lacking insulation?

  1. What do you use for home heating fuel? How much would you save if you choose an alternative heating system?

  1. Heating water for domestic use is one of your home’s highest energy costs. Let’s look at costs for different systems for heating water.

  1. CMP has introduced 2 new options regarding your electricity rate, a Seasonal Heat Pump rate and an Electric Technology rate. These rates are targeted to individuals who are high users of electricity because of heat pump or EV adoption. Details are included in this link.


Have fun playing with these numbers. Will they convince you to move gradually off fossil fuels and eventually electrify everything in your home?? If you would like assistance navigating these tools, reach out to a volunteer York Ready for Climate Action Energy Coach at this link.

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