Green Tips – April 2020

Steps that can be taken to help you create a safer and healthier future.

1. Buy in bulk whenever possible. Product packaging is responsible for a lot of energy expended and emissions released to produce it and creates waste when the product is opened and used. Reduce the amount of packaging you use by avoiding single-serving, pre-packaged products ( drinks, snacks, candy, etc.) and buying in bulk whenever possible. Purchase bulk items and transfer them to reusable containers. Then, of course, recycle or reuse whatever packaging you can! (Source:

2. Unplug gadgets when not in use. Not only is powering off great for the devices, it’s also great for our planet. Unplug chargers instead of letting them dangle from the outlet. Adopting these practices can save you up to $100 annually! (Source: Direct

3. Plant a tree. With the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, you can celebrate by learning more about what trees grow best in our beloved state, the crucial role they all play in keeping our air breathable and how YOU can help replenish the tree population in our community and around the world.

4. Avoid chemical fertilizers and pesticides. They can harm the very organisms ( toads, wasps, birds, bees!) that protect and enrich your vibrant garden. They contaminate the groundwater as well and have been linked to serious illness. Learn organic gardening methods- compost on the soil, companion planting to eliminate the need for artificial chemicals. (Source:

Thank you to the York First Parish Creation Care Committee for providing these tips.

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