New incentives build on Governor Mills’ 100,000 heat pump goal to help create jobs, save Maine people money, and fight climate change

Author: Erin Keller (NewsCenterMaine), January 13, 2020

Governor Janet Mills visited F.W. Webb Company in Augusta on January 14 to announce new financial incentives designed to expand the use of high-performance, energy-efficient heat pumps in Maine on January 14. The incentives will advance the Governor’s initiative to install 100,000 heat pumps in Maine homes by 2025. The initiative was signed into law last year.

According to Efficiency Maine Trust, a high-performance heat pump can help an average Maine home reduce its oil consumption by 270-540 gallons per year; reduce its carbon emissions by an estimated 3,600-7,250 pounds per year per home per high-performance heat pump; and, when the initiative is fully realized, can save Maine people between a total of $30-$60 million annually, providing an important boost to the local economy.

Growing the heat pump business in Maine will replace high-carbon fossil fuels with cleaner electricity while lowering heating bills and creating jobs.

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