FREE LED Bulb Exchange

How many Mainers does it take to change a light bulb?

We don’t know…….but we do know that all of us need to change our light bulbs to LED bulbs!
Swap Your old Light Bulbs for LEDs at No Charge
at Eldredge Lumber-York and Ace-Kittery

LEDs have a much longer life, lasting 20+ years
A single LED will avoid more than a ton of CO2 emissions over 10 years!
LEDs use 80-90% less electricity

8 free standard-shaped LED light bulbs per household. While supplies last!
Additional LED light bulbs only 50¢ each!


Big Picture

Switching to LED bulbs is not a new idea but it is still one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce your home’s electricity use. Yet there is still a large percentage of incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs being used in homes across Maine and the US.

This EcoHOMES action is designed to change that here in York and the surrounding towns!

EcoHOMES has partnered with Eldredge Lumber, Efficiency Maine, and MaxLite to make the switch to LED bulbs incredibly affordable for you. Your first 8 LED bulbs are FREE! The rest are only 50¢ each!

All you have to do is, bring your old standard-shaped incandescent, CFL, or halogen bulbs to Eldredge Lumber in York Maine, or Eldredge’s ACE Hardware in Kittery Maine and you will receive your free MaxLite standard-shaped LED bulbs!

This is one of several upcoming EcoHOMES actions that will introduce energy-efficient technologies and techniques in an effort to lower our homes’ energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions..

“Small acts when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”
~Howard Zinn

How to redeem your FREE LED Bulbs:

Bring your standard-shaped incandescent, CFL, or halogen bulbs to Eldredge Lumber in York Maine, or ACE Hardware in Kittery Maine and you will receive new MaxLite LED bulbs in exchange!

It’s that easy!

Not only do you receive FREE bulbs… Eldredge Lumber & Ace Hardware will properly dispose of the old bulbs for you! Up to 8 free bulbs will be exchanged per household, while supplies last! Additional bulbs will only cost you 50¢ each.

Eldredge Lumber Address: 627 US-1, York, ME 03909 Phone Number: (207) 363-2004

Ace Hardware Address: 6 Shapleigh Rd, Kittery, ME 03904 Phone Number: (207) 439-4150

LED vs. regular lightbulbs:
Do they really make a difference?

Here is how the most common types of bulbs compare:

(Information from Efficiency Maine)


The chart below compares the energy efficiency, the annual cost of operation, lumens per watt, bulb life span, and more…

View Comparison Chart

* Annual cost of operation based on 800 lumens for 2 hours per day at $0.16 per kWh. ** CFLs and LEDs require compatible dimmers.

Color Choices

Traditional incandescent bulbs emit a “warm” color. Today, LED bulbs are available in a range of colors.

– Soft White: Most people find that Soft White is best for the majority of living spaces. They are easy and relaxing on the eyes

– DayLight or Bright White: This is a much brighter light than Soft White. Ideal for work areas and places where extra clear visibility is required.

Shape Choices
View Table


bulb-aline A-Line (e.g., A19, A21, or omnidirectional) bulbs disperse light at a wide-angle and are ideal for fixtures used to spread light throughout the room. A-line bulbs are a good choice for room area-lighting, reading lamps, and hallways.
bulb-spotlights Spotlights (e.g., R20, BR30, BR40, etc.) concentrate light in a small area to produce a bright spot of light. Spotlights are a good option for track lighting and overhead recessed lighting.
bulb-floodlight Floodlights (e.g., PAR20, PAR30, etc.) cast a wider directional light than spotlights. Floodlights are ideal for recessed lighting, outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, and motion sensors.
bulb-candle Candelabra and Miniature Candelabra bulbs (e.g., E11, E12, etc.) imitate the shape of a candle and provide ambient and accent lighting. They are for use in decorative lighting fixtures, including wall sconces, decorative fixtures, and chandeliers.

Will it reduce my greenhouse gas emissions?

A single LED bulb eliminates one ton of CO2 emission over 10 years

Will it reduce my consumption?

LED bulbs use 80+% less electricity

Will it reduce my monthly costs?

Using less electricity means lower electricity bills. You essentially get paid for helping reduce emissions.


Click here to go to the YorkEcoHOMES sign-up page.  It costs nothing.  You are just committing to receiving and considering one Action a month to lower your home’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Technically, all you need to do is take 8 old bulbs into Eldridge Lumber or Kittery Ace to receive your free 8 LED bulbs.

Up to 8.  They come in 4-packs.  Bring in 4 old bulbs and you will get 4 free standard-shaped bulbs.   Bring in 8 or more old ones, and you will get 8 free ones.  Additional bulbs are only 50¢ each.

York EcoHOMES pre-purchased 1000 LED bulbs (thanks to our grant from the Town of York). So the “Free” bulbs part of the exchange will last until these 1000 bulbs are gone.

We are hoping to get additional donations so we can offer more free bulbs when the first 1000 are gone.

The 50¢ price for the additional LED bulbs has no end-date and will continue until Efficiency Maine and MaxLite ends their subsidy program.

Three answers….
1) You need to make sure it says “Dimmable” on the LED packaging
2) If your dimmable light switch is a round knob, you will need to upgrade your switch
3) If your dimmable light switch is a slider switch, you will need to upgrade it if it is more than 6 or so years old

You can certainly put the new dimmable LED bulb into the socket and dry dimming it. You will notice right away if it works properly.

DIY kind of folks say that switching out your old dimmer switches is easy. Otherwise, an electrician can do it.

Ok…  We know…  This is an old and tired joke……. but maybe it will bring a smile or two while we have some fun along the way. 😉

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