Eat Food ~ Recycle Food Waste

Join us as we launch the “Composting/Food Waste Recycling” movement & put food waste in the RIGHT place!

Food waste is the single largest category going into landfills
Food waste in landfills and incinerators emits Methane, which is 20+ times more potent than carbon dioxide in warming the atmosphere
28% of York’s curb-side trash pick-up is food waste

Big Picture

Most of us separate out paper, plastic, cardboard, and glass for recycling.

Most of us DO NOT separate out our food scraps and leftovers. They go into the trash…….and account for 28% of all trash picked up at curbside in York.

7 percent of all Greenhouse gases come from food waste that ends up in landfills or incinerators

If we add our Food Waste to our recycling routine, we divert about 1/3 of our garbage (28% in York) to recycling.

In doing so we can……
  1. Save money. York pays $70/ton to dispose of our trash. Reducing trash by 28% means big savings
  2. Reduce emissions by getting food waste out of the waste stream
  3. Turn our food scraps into beautiful, reusable soil

“Small acts when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”
~Howard Zinn

What is the York EcoHOME action of the month?

 Start recycling your food waste…..using 1 of 3 options:

Option 1:
Take your food waste to Witchtrot Transfer Station.
Option 2:
Sign up for residential pickup
Option 3:
Compost at home
This is a new option for the town of York Residents that we are all very excited about. 

As of April 2021, the town of York has added food waste recycling through a contract with Mr. Fox Recycling

You will see Mr Fox bins at the Transfer Station to throw your food waste in.

Click here to see a list of the items that can be composted.

For only $16/month, York-based composting company Mr. Fox will pick up your food scraps. Your service will also include a free 8-gallon bucket with a secure easy-access lid.

Just put the bucket outside your door every other Tuesday and Mr. Fox will empty it and provide a new liner each time.

Step 1: Pick a spot in your yard.
Step 2: Make or buy your bins.
Step 3: Layer, water, and turn your compost pile
Step 4: Enjoy your rich new soil! Download our backyard composting flyer here.Click here to watch a 2-minute video on how to make a compost bin for FREE using pallets.Also, Eldredge Lumber has several options available for setting up easy backyard composting.
Witchtrot Transfer Station Hours

Open Wednesday and Saturdays 9 AM to 4 PM

Requires a Transfer Station sticker on your vehicle. Available at Town Hall for $25/year.

How do I sign up?

Click here to go to Mr. Fox’s website using this link and fill out the form.

That’s it.

Mr. Fox will then deliver your 8-gallon bucket with a liner to your house and you will be joining the “York Compost” movement to make a difference.

1United Nations

Fill out the form below if you have questions. 

Will it reduce my greenhouse gas emissions?


Food waste generates about 7 percent of all Greenhouse Gases. Getting our food scraps out of landfills and incinerators will help reduce these emissions!

It will also reduce the emissions for garbage trucks that have to haul our trash.

Will it reduce my consumption?


Separating compostable food waste can help your household audit the amount of food waste generated each week. In turn, this can help households make more conscious decisions when shopping for groceries and deciding how much to buy.

Will it reduce my monthly costs?

Yes, in the long run.

York pays for curbside pick up by the ton. If we remove food waste from the garbage, we will eliminate 33% of the garbage that is picked up


Composting your food scraps at home is an important step towards reducing your household’s carbon footprint….an important step to doing what we can as individuals to help reverse global warming.

  • Over 20-40% of the garbage picked up curbside in York is food scraps
    These food scraps go into a landfill or are incinerated. This generates high levels of greenhouse gases including methane and carbon dioxide.
  • Composting food waste is #60 of the top 100 solutions to reverse global warming.2

2Project Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming


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