Weatherize Your Home

Save 50% of your weatherization costs with Maine State weatherization rebates
Weatherizing reduces your heating bills and your home’s greenhouse gas emissions
Burning fuel to heat our homes is the #1 source of greenhouse gas emissions in York.


Big Picture

The recent York Climate Action Plan research confirmed that burning fuel to heat our homes is the #1 source of Greenhouse Gas emissions in York (and surrounding towns as well).

So if the residents of York are going to do their part to reduce emissions and reach the Town’s 50% emission reduction goal by 2030, WE HAVE TO take action around heating our homes.

3 Solutions
The science is clear on what the 3 critical actions/solutions are that will significantly reduce emissions from heating our homes:

1- Weatherize our homes
2- Switch to super-efficient electric Heat Pumps for heating and cooling
3- Switch our electricity to Community or Roof Top Solar

That’s it. Period.

And we have 7 years left to get the vast majority of residents to implement these 3 solutions. Otherwise, the chance of preventing the ravages of global warming diminish dramatically.

You don’t have to do them all at once. Each of the 3 stand alone as a very effective step to reducing emissions from heating your home.

This York EcoHOME Action focuses on Weatherizing our homes.

“Small acts when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”
~Howard Zinn

What does Weatherize mean?

Weatherize means two things

Sealing Air Leaks
There are several areas in a typical home where warm air easily escapes. These areas need to be identified and “Air Sealed” with caulking, foam, and other techniques.
Adding Insulation
There are a few areas in a typical home that have insufficient levels of insulation, including the basement and the attic. These and other areas need to be identified and insulation needs to be added.

Big Savings now available with
Maine Weatherizing Rebates

Efficiency Maine just increased the Weatherization rebates available to Mainers. So there has never been a better time to weatherize your home. Here are the rebate amounts available.

  • $500 for air sealing with Blower Door test.*
  • 50% of insulation costs up to a $5,000 rebate!!

These rebates are available for a limited time so now is absolutely the right time to save big on weatherizing your home.

There are bigger rebates for income-eligible homeowners. See details of eligibility by clicking this link.

*A Blower Door Test depressurizes your home to help pinpoint and eliminate air leaks.

You need to take action before summer temperatures arrive.

The free Energy Consultation includes the use of an infra-red gun. For the infra-red gun to work, the outside temperature must be lower than the temperature inside your home… it is important to have this work done now before temperatures rise this summer.

How do I sign up for Free Energy Consultation and Estimate?

Just fill out the form below

Your information will go to the EcoHOMES Team. We will pass it on to Green Cocoon and they will call you to make an appointment for the FREE Energy Consultation and estimate.

Will it reduce my greenhouse gas emissions?

Weatherization will help keep the warm air in your home and the cold air out. That means savings on your oil or propane bill every month during the heating season. AND make your home less drafty and more comfortable.

Will it reduce my consumption?

Heating our homes accounts for nearly half of all greenhouse gas emissions in York and surrounding towns. Weatherizing is one of 3 critical steps to dramatically reduce your burning of heating fuel and therefore your emissions.

Will it reduce my monthly costs?

Weatherizing is one of 3 critical steps to reducing the amount of oil or propane you burn to heat your home.



Now is the time for 2 reasons:

  1. Big rebates available for a limited time from Efficiency Maine
  2. Outside temperatures must be below inside temperature for the Free Energy Consultation to work successfully.

An Energy Consultation means that your home will be inspected by Green Cocoon to determine where your home needs additional insulation and air sealing. This is done through visual inspection of the interior of the home and through the use of an infrared gun to help detect air leaks. 

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