Join the No Mow May Bandwagon!

Plant Native Perennials

Phase Out Gas Powered Lawn Equipment

Take May off from mowing, giving insects and wildlife a place to shelter and providing bees and other pollinators with flowers to feed on in these lean Spring months.

Plant native perennial shrubs and trees to capture and hold carbon. If you have a yard of any size that you can plant and tend, you can take carbon out of the air and make sure it is held in the ground for years to come. While grass lawns

hold some carbon, shrubs and trees capture much more and hold onto it for their long lifespan. Native shrubs and trees are most likely to thrive in our climate and benefit local wildlife.

Choose human-powered or electric options when you are in the market for new yard equipment. Mowing with an old-fashioned gas mower can pollute 10 times more than an average car!

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